When thinking of Project Management, it is best to think about it with a global lens because every country has the need for large projects to be efficiently created, planned and executed. However, certain countries do not value the position of a Project Manager like how others would. The PCM lounge created an article detailing the best country to live in as a Project Manager which is decided by the average salary of a Project Manager in each respective country.

Switzerland is listed as the country with the highest average salary for a Project Manager which is $130,000. The United States comes in second, with the average salary of a Project Manger being $112,000. However, not every country has the same perspective on the importance of project management. For example, Egypt was listed as the worst country to be a Project Manager in, with the average salary being $24,201. This has nothing to do with their Gross Domestic Product, which is 235.4 Billion USD. Egypt and many other countries value STEM careers more than careers in the Liberal Arts or non-STEM business careers.

However, Project Management can be applied to every field. Although Project Management is predominantly known for being used in the Business and Marketing fields, it is widely used in Engineering. Without Project Management in Engineering, there would be no bridges, computers, buildings, etc. Everything that is engineered required the same Project Management implementations used to execute any business related project.



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